Can I do it myself?

When it comes to peace of mind and quality, a third party, unbiased professional is always the answer. We don’t recommend doing an inspection yourself, even with the knowledge and understanding of a property, without a qualified inspector with the right tools and years of experience under their belt, a thorough inspection could never truly be attained.

How long does an inspection take?

Condominiums are about 3 hours. Townhouses, depending on size and age 3 to 4 hrs.  Houses take longer, usually 3 to 6 hours ,but of course, depends on the size and age. For a comprehensive time quote, please call and speak with the inspector. We also recommend as a courtesy to the vendor, to inform them once an inspection is to take place and the given time frame.

How much does an inspection cost?

There are no travel fees in the lower mainland but fees may apply for further locations. Please call for clarification. Prices are as follows:

Type Size Price
 Condominium  Any sq ft  $375
 Duplex  Up to 2500 sq ft  $449
 Townhouse  Up to 2500 sq ft  $449
 House  Up to 2500 sq ft  $499
 House 2501-3500 sq ft  $549
 House 3501-4500 sq ft  $599
 House 4501-5500 sq ft  $649

Can I follow along at the inspection?

Yes, of course. We highly recommend it as the information attained during an inspection can be invaluable, not to mention the opportunity to ask questions as well. If you can’t attend, not to fret, a comprehensive report is included with every inspection.

Do you provide a written report?

Yes we do. A full multi page, digital report, with thermal imaging is emailed on the same day. We also provide detailed explanations of the issues, on-site or phone consultation.

Can a home fail inspection?

No, not at all. It isn’t that kind of inspection. We only inspect potential hazards or issues that will or have arisen and what needs to be done to prevent or repair them, ensuring your future investment.

Are you a franchise?

No, Soldat Home Inspection is solely owned and operated by Will Soldat.

Do you make recommendations for contractors, contract out or make repairs and renovations yourself?

Due to the conflict of interest it would garner, professional home inspectors are not permitted to advise or be linked to any other construction or home related trades as stated under the Professional Code of Ethics.

If we decide not to buy the home do we get our money back?

Unfortunately, that is not how inspections work. We endeavor to save you money in the long run, so If you decide against buying a property on our report findings, we would find that a job well done. Also, any subsequent inspections during a 12 month period have a discounted price, speak with inspector for more information.